Colorado Program Resources

Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you to advance college- and career-readiness initiatives in Colorado. This page will be updated on a regular basis to include information and resources to utilize throughout the program.


Program Meeting Dates - 2019

  • Launch webinar: Thursday, May 9 4:30 - 6 p.m. MST

  • Summer convening: Wednesday, July 17 in Denver

  • Fall convening: Wednesday, October 30 in Denver

  • Closing webinar: Wednesday, December 11 4:30 - 6 p.m. MST

July 17 Convening Pre-Work

  1. Review our Modified Career Development PBL Rubric and PBL Essential Designs Infographic. Adapted from the Buck Institute, the rubric provides a blueprint for high quality PBL design. The infographic provides the essential elements for the development of career-ready PBL. 

  2. Capturing evidence throughout the project. Reflecting on self-, peer-, and teacher-feedback and regular checkpoints are vital parts of high-quality project-based learning. When completing the performance task, will students keep a journal? Will they submit interview notes, a project plan or a research report? Will there be exit tickets or a quiz? Will they have regular one-on-one check-ins with the teacher to discuss their progress? How will you, as the teacher, be able to encourage student reflection and assess their work throughout the project?

  3. Industry engagement. Now is the time to begin to identify potential partners that can provide feedback and support implementation in the fall. At what points in the task will you engage an industry partner? Will you engage the same partner throughout the task or work with several partners? To help you think more about this, we authored a white paper, The Promise of Partnerships: Engaging Industry to Improve Career Readiness. Feel free to read this resource to understand how for high school students, regular and systematic engagement with employers offers advantages that schools alone have a hard time providing.

  4. Project launch. Begin to refine and/or develop the project launch. How will you hook your students and excite them about the work ahead?

  5. Outstanding questions. What major question or challenge do you have concerning the revision or implementation of your performance task? We’ll use these questions at the convening to guide our learning and progress toward implementation. Please send your question or challenge to me by July 12.

July 17 Convening Materials


Pre-program Work 

We have a lot of exciting work ahead of us, including our first webinar on Thursday, May 9. We have some pre-work and readings for you to complete the webinar (we will reference and use each of these to guide our work throughout the program):

  • It’s important to us that we better understand your interests and needs, including your prior experiences and the contexts for your work. Given that, please take some time over the next week to complete the pre-program survey below, which includes more information about stipends, how they will be disbursed, and the requirements for receiving it in full.

  • Designing the Future: A Process for Developing Career-Ready Performance Tasks: This resources describes the process Colorado educators used to develop career-ready performance tasks. From connecting with industry experts to incorporating high quality PBL, which defines, start to finish, the process for developing and refining high quality performance tasks. Be sure to become familiar with America Achieves Modified Career Development PBL Rubric, which helps educators developing performance tasks seek input from other stakeholders by asking them to evaluate the task.

    • Reflection Questions: How will this process help you revise your selected performance task? What else do you need to know to implement your task?

  • Colorado Essential Skills: These state-identified skills provide a baseline for cross-curricular competencies and skills that all Colorado students should demonstrate before graduating. Each of the tasks you will be implementing and refining adhere to Colorado Essential Skills. As we refine these tasks, we want to be mindful of how we can continue to meet and exceed these.

    • Reflection Questions: Are there any Essential Skills not included in your selected performance tasks that should be? How do these skills help prepare students for future work?

  • Colorado Talent Pipeline Report: Each year, the Colorado Workforce Development Council publishes this report detailing Colorado’s major industries, available jobs, and job growth areas. This is an excellent reference for understanding the jobs and skills needed across the state.

    • Reflection Questions: Is your task aligned to the Colorado workforce, representing a real-world problem for students to solve or explore? Why is it important to align classroom resources to industry?



Travel and Reimbursement Policies

America Achieves is pleased to cover travel, ground transportation, lodging, and meal costs for educators while attending program meetings. America Achieves is not able to reimburse for incidentals, alcohol, unapproved flight/train changes or cancellation fees, and internet service on flights/trains.

Booking Travel

America Achieves is happy to book your travel for you or, if the total cost of your round-trip travel is within the parameters below, you may book your travel without consulting us. By choosing to have America Achieves book your travel, you will be responsible for reimbursing America Achieves for the cost of the ticket and any change fees, if you do not attend the meeting. If the cost of travel is above the amounts listed below, please contact us for approval before purchasing.

  • Travel less than 3 hours / up to 1,500 miles away: round-trip ticket should cost no more than $320

  • Travel more than 3 hours / farther than 1,500 miles away: round-trip ticket should cost no more than $440


America Achieves will cover your mileage when driving to program meetings at the 2019 federal rate of 58 cents/mile. This mileage allowance is in lieu of actual expenses for gasoline, oil, repairs, tags, insurance, and depreciation. Please attach a screenshot of your route to your reimbursement form to receive compensation for the use of your personal car. 

Ground Transportation 

America Achieves will cover your taxi/cab/subway ride to the train station or airport and to and from the meeting venue. Please ensure you retain all receipts when taking a ground transportation. Private cars/drivers, are not eligible for reimbursement. 


America Achieves will cover your parking during program meetings. Please lookout for specific parking instructions prior to the meeting.


If traveling from out-of-town, America Achieves will cover your own (individual) hotel room for the duration of the meeting, including tax. Please be sure to bring your ID and credit card for incidentals, as we will cover the room and tax only. Unless pre-approved by staff, any additional items (movies, snacks in your room, bar or restaurant, etc.) purchased by you during your stay is your financial responsibility. If you encounter any unforeseen circumstances or last-minute emergencies, and do not think you will be staying at the hotel after all, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to be sure you are okay as well as cancel any unused hotel rooms to avoid a penalty.


America Achieves will cover your meals whiling traveling to meetings and any meals designated as "on your own". We are unable to reimburse for alcohol or meals that are already provided at the convening. Total daily meal expenses should not exceed the following: Breakfast - $10, Lunch - $20, and Dinner - $30.

Receipts and Reimbursement

America Achieves will process reimbursements for pre-approved travel, mileage, ground transportation, and meals after the meeting. All eligible reimbursement forms must be accompanied by an itemized receipt and, if requesting mileage reimbursement, a screenshot of the route driven must be provided. All items purchased are subject to America Achieves’ discretion and if deemed unacceptable may not be reimbursed. If you are in doubt, please check with us first. Please note that reimbursements are deposited directly into your bank accounts and typically arrive within 4-6 weeks after the submission deadline. Please download, complete, and send this reimbursement form along with your itemized receipts to after the meeting. 

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.