America Achieves Colorado Educator Voice Fellowship


 We work with educators to increase young people's access to education pathways that lead to career and life success.

The Colorado Educator Voice Fellowship will support teams of educators from across the state to learn about the shifting 21st century economy, related workforce demands, necessary employability skills, and models of college and career development to create a variety of industry-aligned performance tasks. 

Through the Fellowship experience, from cohort covenings, industry site visits, interviews and guest speakers to learning about project-based learning and developing these model resources, educators will develop a shared understanding of 21st learning and employability skills.

Why are we doing this?

Colorado has one of the strongest, fastest-growing and high-tech economies in the United States but faces great challenges in preparing, recruiting, placing and retaining the right people with the right skills to continue to support that growth. For example, some reports indicate that the State has 40,000 unfilled tech jobs. Often referred to as “The Colorado Paradox,” this is creating a shared sense of urgency and increased activity among industry, education, and civic leaders across the State.

We value the expertise of outstanding educators.

The voice and expertise of experienced Colorado educators is key to the project’s success. Just as with other experts providing consultation in the effort, participating Colorado schools/districts/institutions and America Achieves are committed to honoring participants for their professional commitment and contributions. 


Most importantly, they will develop their own capacity to lead aligned improvement efforts in their own schools, districts, and communities and participate in larger career readiness initiatives across the state. 

By leveraging our network of expert educators, we will build innovative models that bridge the gap from the classroom to careers and develop educator understanding of and ability to shape systems change in their schools and communities.

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