Connecting Education to Industry - Watch the Video!


“It's important that students be around professionals that look like them, have similar backgrounds, and have achieved a certain level of success. Because now students can see that the work they're doing, it's going to lead towards something.”
- Tiffany Huitt, Principal at Dallas ISD

Partnerships between education and industry can prove powerful in more meaningfully defining and helping students achieve career readiness. When developed with a clear vision in mind, such partnerships can offer students exposure to the world of work and awareness of career paths. 

“[Students] are exposed to all these careers that they've never even considered or heard of before,” says Adam Robb, an educator in Alberta, Canada. “This leads to students being able to better choose post-secondary programs or pathways.” 

Industry partnerships can take on a variety of forms: advisory boards, internships, mentorships, curriculum support, and more. At Principal Jayda Spillers' school in Louisiana, a partnership with a collision repair association started as curriculum support and evolved into internship opportunities for the students. “Business and industry want to help you and they want to be involved, they just don't always know how,” says Spillers. 

We’re working with our network of educators to learn about and share best practices around effective industry partnerships to improve career and life success. In this video, Huitt, Robb, Spillers, and other school leaders discuss what partnerships look like in their schools and some of the lessons they’ve learned. 

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Next month, we’ll be releasing a white paper further exploring industry partnerships, as well as a case study of a rural Texas high school that uses partnerships to help students become certified veterinary assistants and licensed drone pilots. Stay tuned! 

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