Career-Ready Capstones


“We repeatedly hear from industry experts that students who enter the workforce are not prepared with a lot of basic skills such as communication skills, collaborative skills, the ability to be problem solvers, and to be creative in the workforce.”
- Kristen Champion-Terrell, Project Lead The Way

 As the world of work rapidly shifts, ensuring students are equipped with the skills and competencies they need for career and life success is becoming increasingly challenging. Many recent graduates struggle to find meaningful, good work, and companies report significant gaps in their talent pipelines. 

This phenomenon is particularly evident in Colorado. Commonly known as the Colorado Paradox, the state has one of the fastest-growing economies in the U.S. but struggles to equip its own students with the skills they need to access opportunities to continue to support that growth. 

Industry-aligned performance tasks and graduation capstones are one promising approach to helping students develop and practice key career competencies - academic, technical, and/or cross-sector skills - as they design the future. 

Our Colorado Educator Voice Fellowship, in collaboration with Project Lead The Way andColorado Succeeds, is working with innovative educators across the state to create exemplary capstone projects that support students in developing the knowledge, skills, character, and dispositions needed for career and life success.

To develop the performance tasks that make up the capstone projects, our Fellows worked with industry experts to better understand their work and related needs, including the in-demand cross-sector competencies. Similar to our Louisiana Educator Voice Fellowship, the Fellows then collaborated in teams to design performance tasks that would enable students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate competencies through authentic, real-world, problem-solving experiences.

We are excited to begin sharing this work with all of you! Keep a lookout in the coming weeks for additional resources. The short video below offers an overview of the work around these capstone projects and why they matter.

Newsletter: January 2019

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