Principal London Moore on Setting a Vision for Career Readiness

Principal London Moore on Setting a Vision for Career Readiness


London Moore is the Principal of THRIVE Baton Rouge, Louisiana first public boarding school. She is currently obtaining her PHD in Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Moore been award such accolades as Teacher of the Year as well as BR Business Report's 40 Under 40. Additionally, she has been a lead fellow of America Achieves, working on such projects as the RESPECT Initiative with former Secretary of Education. She has worked on supporting the work of the Common Core as a Student Achievement Partners fellow. Internationally, Ms. Moore is the Co-Founder of the Ghana Educational Collaborative.

What is your or your school's vision for a career-ready graduate?

LM: A career-ready graduate from THRIVE Academy is a student who is the best version of themselves ready to embark post graduation with purpose and a plan. These students are given the courses, experiences, and mentorship to make informed decisions about where they see their future and have received support in those areas. Students who are career-ready have both the cross-sector competencies and the technical skills needed to begin a fruitful career in their area of choice. We value our students being able to have real world experiences in the work area of their choice. It is imperative that students gain a strong understanding of the working world that they are interested in. Hands on learning is needed in the transfer of knowledge for students. Additionally, we value students being able to gain strong communication and feedback processing skills as these will be imperative to their growth as professionals ready for the workforce.  

Why is it important to have this vision?

LM: It is important for me to have this vision because it helps to guide how our school approaches career and technical programs. We take career at THRIVE Academy just a seriously as we take college. It is our greatest hope that when our students leave campus they have created their own vision for their lives and feel as though they received the tools in high school to successfully carry out that vision. We view students as individuals at THRIVE Academy and values their individual schemas, passions, drives and outlooks on the world. It is important that we provide students with multiple pathways for success that can lead to both college and career success.  

What are some of the key classes, curriculum, or opportunities available to students that fulfill your vision?

LM: Currently at THRIVE Academy students can embark on the Allied Health Pathways as well as the Welding Pathway. For the 19-20 school year, all 8th and 9th graders will take Quest for Success. Students will be able to choose from 5 different pathways. [One of these pathways is Welding], and welding students are placed at ABC School Pelican Chapter which affords them expert training and exposure to job placement.

How do this vision and the associated work prepare students for future success?

LM: Students’ work preparation through a pathway of their choice allows them the real-world experiences that they need within the safety of high school to decide if these are the fields that they want to pursue post-graduation.

What advice would you give to others who are developing their own vision?

LM: The advice that I would give is to simply to take Career and Technical education as seriously as you take college. Many of our students are invested in going right into the working world and that should be honored and supported. Students need options that prepare them for college AND prepare them for career. We do not have to make it either/or for students. Allow your vision to be student-centered and allow all students to explore and find their purpose and passions during their time in high school.

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill

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