A Message for School Leaders: How Quest for Success Can Help You This Year


The start of a new school year can be a tumultuous time. I know — I’ve been there. There are the highs of connecting with students, experiencing the energy of a fresh start, and envisioning what you want your school and community to accomplish. There are also the lows of staff turnover that leave you scrambling to cover classes, and frustrations around ensuring that what’s happening in classrooms is high-quality and innovative.

As you are aware, Quest for Success is designed to help middle and high school students develop essential 21st-century skills. It is an open education resource offered to schools completely free-of-charge. As a former school leader myself, I wanted to share a few ways that Quest for Success can support you in this new school year.

Perhaps the most beneficial component of Quest for Success is that it’s ready to be handed off right away to teachers — very little planning is needed; teachers can hit the ground running. The materials include comprehensive lesson plans, teacher guides, performance tasks to drive project-based learning, student resources, and rubrics. Everything can be downloaded and printed directly from our website. (Here’s a video that provides a quick overview of these resources.)

The other component of Quest for Success that I’d like to point out is its innovative design. It uses a project-based learning approach to support students to learn about themselves and their interests, develop the cross-sector competencies (like communication and collaboration) that are critical to career and life success, explore high growth careers, and to start to plan for their lives after high school. It’s been piloted last year in over 50 classrooms and to more than 2,400 middle and high school students and subsequently revised with feedback from educators, school leaders, and industry representatives.

Units 4-6 (along with 1-3) are now available on our website (the final units 7 and 8 will be available later this summer).


Full Curriculum of Quest for Success Now Available

Newsletter: August 2019