Newsletter: February 2019


Imagine students working together to identify their community's health care needs, designing a community clinic, and presenting their proposals to local civic leaders. Or learning about the importance of workplace safety in industries like architecture and construction and designing safety trainings for real-world clients. Or studying the challenges of accessibility and applying these principles in building a website for a local business.

How might such experiences create more rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities and access to social networks for ALL students?

In our work with schools and educators to prepare students for career and life success, we strive to keep equity at the forefront. We have a responsibility to ensure all students, including students of color, English language learners, and others left at the margins, have access to the types of opportunities that will set them up for success on whatever path they choose.

Career-Ready Performance Tasks and Capstone Projects are promising ways to lead students to participate in real-world learning experiences, support students’ mastery of core content, and develop cross-sector competencies necessary for successful lives and careers.

Through our newly-released suite of resources—including a process guide, a how-to video, and example tasks designed by our Colorado Educator Voice Fellows—educators and school leaders can apply or adapt these tasks in their classrooms and learn how to create their own career-ready performance tasks.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing additional tasks designed by Colorado Educator Voice Fellows. Stay tuned! If applicable, please keep us updated on how you’ve leveraged these resources.


Imagine the Impact of Real-World Learning...

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