Full Curriculum of Quest for Success Now Available


Quest for Success is an innovative career exploration course designed to ensure students know about and are prepared for careers of the future—particularly in IT, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. Throughout the course’s eight units, students progress from knowing themselves, to leading responsibly, to planning for their futures. A variety of industry-aligned, project-based learning tasks engage students in solving authentic problems and developing new knowledge and skills. Tasks range from personal vision boards and values statements to food trucks, websites and marketing campaigns, and community service projects.

To support the implementation of Quest for Success in your classroom, school, or district, we’ve created a suite of resources, detailed below and also available on our website.

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Quest for Success Overview

This 2-pager provides a printable and easy-to-share snapshot view of the development, design, and goals of Quest for Success. It includes examples of the career-ready performance tasks available in each unit, along with the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and character traits students are expected to develop. It is intended to be used by educators to share with stakeholders including parents, students, school leaders, and community members who are interested in learning more about Quest for Success.

Video Overview of Quest for Success Resources

This instructional video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the resources available with Quest for Success. It begins by demonstrating how to locate the website, complete the form to access the materials free-of-charge, and navigate the Google Drive folder where the materials are located. It describes how the course and materials are designed, and the order the documents should be used to make learning progressions clear. It also details the intentions of the documents, including the unit plans, teacher guides, and performance tasks. This resource is intended to be used by educators as you explore and prepare to leverage Quest for Success and its many instructional support materials in your own schools and classrooms.

Customization Support

Quest for Success was developed so that any school across the country can easily implement it to meet their goals for students’ career and life success. This guidance document, along with the Course Overview document, provides local districts, schools, and educators with background on Quest for Success—its purpose, goals, and design—to guide reflection on areas for possible customization and to understand the areas and ways that Quest for Success can be adapted to best maintain fidelity to the intent and approach of the course while meeting your local needs and context. Customization of Quest for Success is optional—the course can be implemented as-is.


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