Effective Partnerships Between Schools and Industries


Roscoe Collegiate High School in Texas is an example of how strategically designed partnerships can advance a school’s vision for a career-ready graduate. In our latest school profile, we take a look at how Roscoe Collegiate considered the economic shifts in the region and potential barriers that students faced to create its vision, and then designed and leveraged partnerships to make the vision a possibility for all of its students.


For high school students, regular and systematic engagement with employers offers advantages that schools alone have a hard time providing:

  1. A way for students to develop the necessary competencies for these careers.

  2. Connections with and exposure to adults outside school who can help with career advice and opportunities before and after graduation.

  3. “Real world” experiences that provide relevance and motivate students to pursue new-found interests.

A partnership between industry and education can help educators to understand the needs of industries, including in-demand cross-sector competencies, and can help businesses fill their talent pipeline. It can also provide authentic, real-world problems in which students can develop cross-sector competencies.