Designing the Future: A Process for Developing Career-Ready Performance Tasks

The following resources describe the process used to develop high-quality, career-ready performance tasks, share key design principles for project-based learning, and provide customizable tasks designed by educators.


Process Guide for Developing Performance Tasks

This full-length guide includes detailed steps for creating and implementing performance tasks, and related resources and tools. Exemplars for the “Small Business, Big Impact” task can be found on slide 18.

Example Tasks from Colorado Educator Voice Fellows

The performance tasks below are meant to serve as examples to help educators better understand the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and character traits needed for career success, as well as approaches to project-based learning and capstone design to support such learning. Each can serve as a valuable foundation for educators, who are encouraged to adapt the tasks to fit the needs of their students, schools, and communities.

Small Business, Big Impact: Students will use the scrum and agile processes to bring a small business into a booming economy.

Healthcare in Our Community: Students will propose a plan for a community clinic that meets the community’s needs.

Redesigned in America: Students will have the option to work collaboratively to design

and build an ad campaign for modern American manufacturing.


Security Solutions in IT: Students will devise, create, and evaluate a solution to an information security need identified

by an industry partner.

Know Safety, No Pain:

Students will serve as a consulting firm that conducts safety training for companies in the

construction industry.

Smashing Stigma and Addressing Homelessness: Students will investigate, plan, and design

a housing solution to address homelessness.


Community Health Now: Students will study major healthcare issues affecting their local community and create a proposal.

Digging Deeper: Developing Industry-Aligned Capstones

In the videos below, America Achieves Educator Voice Fellows, team members, partners, and industry experts discuss the changing world of work and the process for creating career-ready performance tasks.