Quest for Success Trainer Application

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), in partnership with America Achieves, is rolling out and scaling Quest for Success, a new, high-school level, career exploration course next year across the state of Louisiana. The new course, developed by educators in the America Achieves Louisiana Educator Voice Fellowship, will help all students to:

  • Develop essential 21st-century workforce skills - the ability to communicate, collaborate, and lead

  • Explore new and exciting careers and industry sectors

  • Learn about themselves and their interests to successfully navigate high school, postsecondary education, and career pathways

As the LDOE prepares for statewide expansion of Quest for Success in 2019-2020, they are committed to supporting schools - leaders and teachers - in a successful Quest for Success launch, with fidelity. During Super Summer Institute (SSI), two-day Quest for Success teacher training will be held at various locations across the state.

We are looking for experienced and expert facilitators to lead these professional development sessions.

Educators who are familiar with the course and its design, and feel passionate about ensuring all Louisiana students are career and life ready, may be interested in and be well positioned to help train peers from across the state. We are especially interested in teachers, counselors, and other educators who have proven experience in leading adult learning and can serve as effective “ambassadors” for the course and its mission. All approved trainers who successfully complete their training and lead SSI training sessions will be compensated. If you are interested in supporting the learning of other committed teachers and helping bring this innovative course to scale, with fidelity, we invite you to complete the short application on the right by March 22nd.

The opportunity to become a Quest for success trainer is a monumental achievement since this course is at the foundation of our Jump Start 2.0 framework. Trainers will be essential in developing our talent workforce and students of Louisiana. Quest for Success not only benefits our students, but provides everyone involved with this course access to career education and preparation while honing their 21st century workforce skills”.  

- Ken Bradford, Assistant Superintendent Louisiana Department of Education

All selected trainers will be required to attend and complete the train-the-trainer session. The details of the train-the-trainer “certifying” session are:

  • The in-person session will be on May 29th-30th in Baton Rouge, LA. All trainers will be required to complete pre-work and pre-reading before the training session and to participate in-person for the entire two days of training.

  • Trainers will be provided a PPT slide deck with scripted notes to support the SSI training sessions. The train-the-trainer session will provide both instructions and practice on how to facilitate the training.

  • Day 1 of the train-the-trainer session will cover the purpose and design of the course and highlight changes to the curriculum. Trainers will participate in a modified version of the teacher training on this day, including some modeling.

  • On Day 2, trainers will model the introduction to the course and practice delivering other key sections of the training to their peers. The facilitators of the session and peers will provide feedback on the presentation to help the trainers improve.

  • LDOE will verify CEUs for all individuals who complete the train-the-trainers.

After all applications are submitted and reviewed, we will notify trainers of their selection by April 5th. Thank you for your interest in Quest for Success and your commitment to help ensure that all Louisiana graduates are ready for career and life success. Please let us know if you have any questions.