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Getting Real About Career Readiness: A Focus on Cross-Sector Competencies

While states, districts, and schools continue to voice a commitment to “college and career readiness,” they are increasingly critiqued for seeming to treat “career readiness” as an afterthought. They are now being called on to move beyond the rhetoric and improve on their career readiness efforts, and many educators are reacting in fast order. But are we doing so with any greater clarity about our expectations for what a career-ready graduate might look like?

Leveraging Project-Based Learning to Improve Career Readiness

There is compelling evidence to suggest that project-based learning can be an important lever not only for improving student engagement and academic learning, but also for supporting career readiness. However, we cannot take this potential for granted.

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School Profile: The Future Class Network Learning Lab

The FCN Learning Lab is a secondary school in Seoul, South Korea, designed to leverage project-based learning (PBL) as a tool for enabling students’ career and life success. In this Educator Networks school profile, we explore the FCN Learning Lab’s history and vision, how PBL looks and feels at the school, and how the design of the school contributes to deeper student learning.

School Profile: STEM School Chattanooga

This profile, completed in collaboration with school leaders at the STEM School, shares how the public high school is taking project-based learning to the next level by explicitly designing projects in partnership with business and community leaders to develop specific, career-ready, cross-sector competencies.


Promise of Partnerships: Engaging Industry for Career Readiness

Effective school-industry partnerships have a vision for student success, common expectations, a commitment to equity, connection to local workforce demands, on-going communication, and continuous improvement.

Project-Based Learning for Career Readiness

Project-based learning, an innovative instructional approach which has shown promise in improving both student engagement and academic learning, also has the potential to help drive career readiness.

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